The care service robots on the market are also loved by many people. The care service robot uses a visual lens to help us look after children, the elderly, and has a smart dialogue function. In addition to the nursing function, the nursing service robot is also a good helper for accompanying children and the elderly. For example, the care service robot will guide the child to brush their teeth and help to cultivate good daily habits. Nursing service robots know a lot of knowledge, including news, children's songs, English, music, games, Chinese studies, etc. The baby at home only needs to learn a lot during the dialogue with the care service robot. The caregiver service robot is also very effective in avoiding obstacles. Even if the environment in the user's home is complicated, the care service robot can automatically detect the obstacles in front of the finger and avoid it intelligently. It can be easily and every corner of the home.

  Robots with artificial intelligence can be said to be a wonderful thing when we are a life helper. The person in charge of the Miikelimei service robot said: Artificial intelligence is changing the whole world with the softness and softness of the moisturizing. Maybe one day, the colleague who is sitting or working together or chatting with you, or the teacher who is in class, is a Super intelligent service robots; of course, the one who cooks, sweeps the floor, cleans the house, and even makes the bed and stacks in your home may also be a smart service robot that is emotional, gentle, and meticulous.