Today, China's manufacturing industry has ushered in a wave of development. From a long-term perspective, China's manufacturing industry is in a tough situation. From China's manufacturing powers to manufacturing powerhouses, it needs to undergo several transformations, and "China's wisdom" will become the ultimate goal of transformation. Under the "Internet +" business situation, traditional enterprises can only seek a way out if they continue to innovate in the Internet wave. Mr. Du Guohua, the head of Beijing Huachuan Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., is a member of the Sichuan-based business in Beijing. He has been engaged in the sheet metal processing industry in Beijing for many years. He knows that traditional manufacturing needs to be bigger and stronger and must be innovative. At present, Mr. Du returned to his hometown in Sichuan and established Sichuan Chuanjing Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., which is to develop the concept of innovation. As the saying goes, the leader is the soul of a company, and the outstanding leader plays an important role in the development of the enterprise and plays a key role. Mr. Du is a leader who dares to accept challenges and be brave in innovation. Under the situation of the development of the Internet by the whole people, Mr. Du is the first to register with China Metal Sheet Metal. The purpose is to create a professional gold-plated information exchange platform and integrate metal enamel. The gold market provides a one-stop portal platform for peer companies.

       China Metal Sheet Metal Mall is not only the integration of information, but also the best platform for Chinese companies and consumers to participate in the market for Internet users. The mall has first-hand industry information, government policies, online advertising, online membership registration, online merchants, corporate supply and demand information release, online commodity trading and other functions. At the same time, China Metal Sheet Metal Mall also divides the market into different regions and different types of this industry, and strives to be more comprehensive, more accurate and more precise!

  When the Prime Minister put forward the concept of "Internet +", "Internet +" was swept in every corner of the market economy, and the Internet economy was surging. Mr. Du Guohua used Internet technology to adjust the concept, professional technology, management level, online and offline, etc. in the development of the sheet metal industry. Once the mall completes the Internet + quality products + good reputation + correct promotion channels, it will lead the sheet metal industry to a new leap and achieve breakthroughs.

  In the Boao Forum for Asia, it is pointed out that in today's world, self-respect or self-respect can only go to the wall; in today's world, the trend of peaceful cooperation is rolling forward, peace and development are the common aspirations of the people of all countries in the world, and the cold war mentality and zero-sum game are getting older teams. Only by adhering to peaceful development and working together can we achieve a win-win situation and win-win situation. China Metals Jinjin Mall actively responds to the call of the country and firmly believes that letting everyone really earn money is the ultimate goal. Nowadays, the mall is in the midst of preparations. The platform is expected to go online in May. At that time, friends from all walks of life are welcome to inquire.