Sheet metal is a material that must be used in most mechanical equipment, such as machine tools, cabinets, and cabinets. Due to the special material properties and processing requirements of sheet metal, there are strict requirements and standards for the structural design of sheet metal products. Sheet metal structure design is a complex systematic project. In order to do a good job in sheet metal structure design, designers need to comprehensively consider various factors to solve various problems encountered in the design. The following briefly summarizes the design requirements of sheet metal structure. Consider the issue.

First of all, the sheet metal structure design must ensure the realization of product functions, and must meet the principles of economic and practical. The sheet metal structure design should conform to the principle of economy and practicability. On the basis of ensuring the safety of the cabinet, the quality of use and the performance of the cabinet, the cost input in the cabinet manufacturing process should be minimized.

Secondly, sheet metal structure design needs to consider material processing requirements and cost control. In the design drawings, the requirements for the materials to be produced should be clearly defined. The requirements for material selection should be well ensured, and the high-quality materials produced by the regular manufacturers should be selected to ensure that the materials can meet the requirements of relevant standards in the actual production, and the design finished products can meet the design. Performance requirements; in the design, we must strictly control the rate of material in the production of the product, under the premise of ensuring the performance of the product, try to reduce the cumbersome process of the actual production process, enhance the operability of the design drawings; Good strength, easy to bend, easy to shape.

In addition, the sheet metal structure design needs to take into account the product use environment requirements, and do a good job in waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and other aspects of product protection design. For example, in the design of the sheet metal in the cabinet, it is necessary to select high-quality materials, suitable surface treatment technology, and improve the performance of the product in corrosion resistance, mold resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and light resistance through stable and sealed structural design. Improve product environmental adaptability.

Of course, different sheet metal products have different requirements for sheet metal structure design. Designers need to consider different issues for different sheet metal products. Therefore, in a specific product project, the designer needs to adopt a targeted, feasible, and practical design method to solve various problems in the design according to the actual product design requirements and comprehensively consider various factors. Good gold product design.